Music Together Online:

As parents, we are constantly being bombarded with new information as we try to make the most of this situation we all share in. The move to Music Together Online may seem like a daunting one, and you may be thinking that more screen time does not seem like a good idea. While it is true that a surplus of passive screen time is not recommended for this age group, the Music Together Online experience is different.

The Music Together Online program is designed to be interactive and engaging for both you and your little ones. It is not and should not be held in the same category as a TV show or an app, and the reason for that is, YOU!

I know many of you may be thinking how difficult it is to get your child to sit and focus on a screen, and this concern is valid. When children sit and watch a screen, they passively receive information. It is extremely important to note that this passive experience is NOT what Music Together Online was designed to create. Rather, Music Together Online offers and encourages active participation through the music your child knows and loves and through the participation of their parent or caregiver. When a child witnesses the active participation of an adult, they are more apt to participate themselves. This shared participation is what separates Music Together Online from passive screen time. Just like in class, you are still the most important part of a program designed to get everyone moving, singing and dancing TOGETHER!


Class Options:

The first option is live Music Together classes on Zoom, which will consist of two 15 minute time slots 2 days a week (for a total of 30 minute.) We have found that children respond best to shorter intervals of screen time, be it passive or active. We think that the 15 minute block times will not only keep your little one engaged, but also give them something to do throughout the week rather than all at once. 

  • The Zoom classes will be offered at 9:00 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday. 
  • All of the live Zoom classes will be taught by Lindsay Amer.

The second option is pre-recorded, which will consist of one 30 minute class recording.

  • The pre-recorded classes will be uploaded to a new private Facebook page (you will be invited to a page once you are registered for the class) on Monday mornings for the whole family to enjoy!
  • This option will be taught by Pauline Keenan. 
Class Schedule Start Date Duration End Date Teacher

Facebook Group
location info
Monday 10:00 AM Jul 06, 2020 6 weeks Aug 10, 2020 Pauline Keenan

location info
Mon, Wed 9:00 AM Jul 06, 2020 6 weeks Aug 12, 2020 Lindsay Amer